Me CV of Peter-Paul Koch
To my portfolio.
1970 Born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


1982-1988 Secondary school: Barlaeus Gymnasium, Amsterdam.
Classical education. Lots of Greeks & Romans, but also physics, no economy.
1988-1994 University: University of Amsterdam, History. Specialisation: Ancient History (again Greeks & Romans).
Final thesis: Factions in the Later Roman Empire (5th century AD).
1994-1995 Teacher Training, history
1995-1997 Tried to find a job as a teacher, failed. Meanwhile I started up my doctoral research into ancient Germanic saga's. I applied for a research grant, but it was refused because my research was "not interesting enough"
Of course, I started a website on this subject.
1997-1998 Training course to become an Internet Advisor (whatever that may be). I specialized in HTML and JavaScript.

Previous jobs

1991-1994Part time work at Galerie Inart, later Galerie Carla Koch, an art gallery for modern glass and ceramics (owned, as you might guess, by my mother).
1995 Apprentice teacher of History at the Spinoza Lyceum, Amsterdam.
1996-1998 Text writer:
Press releases for Galerie Carla Koch (one a month, both Dutch and English).
I published one article on my Nibelungen research [in Dutch]:
De Thidrekssaga, waarheid in oude verhalen?
in: Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis no. 4 1997.
1998 Worked at Inízio Design as an HTMLer/JavaScripter.
1999-now Working as an HTMLer/JavaScripter at NetlinQ.
2000 Promoted to Head of Client Side Programming, still at NetlinQ, now NetlinQ Framfab because we've been taken over by the Framfab company, orginally Swedish but now the largest web developing company outside the US.
Helped giving a Web Designer course, I taught CSS and JavaScript.



Advies Made the templates for this one in total disharmony with the 'design' agency. Site is for advising webmasters and other IT related personnel of Dutch state entities (provinces, ministries etc.).
This is my first site in which I deliberately shielded Netscape 4 from parts of the design (mainly the borders) to prevent crashing. So this site is decidedly less nice in Netscape 4 than in a more modern browser.

Gemeentelijk Pedologisch Instituut Amsterdam. I made the templates for the website of the Pedological Institute of Amsterdam. (What is pedology? I have no idea, except that it's about children).
This site as a whole is also the template for a huge whacking lot of Amsterdam community sites we're making. The content management system is MMBase, which we first used in the World Press Photo site.

Article on Digital Web: The DOM, an introduction.

World Press Photo, Version 3.0 . I consider it the best site I ever made.


Taught CSS and JavaScript in Web Designer course by NetPeople.

Published a second article in A List Apart: about XHTML.

Made the templates for the site for my mother's gallery.

NetEvents. [Dutch] Site of our event organizing product group. For me it's the logical sequel to the NetPlus site I made earlier. Uses still more style sheets. This site uses only seven images.

Published my first online article in A List Apart. It's about using style sheets in web design.


NetPlus. [Dutch] Site of our Banners product group. First site that heavily uses style sheets and has a liquid design. Meanwhile replaced by the corporate site of the guys who bought it.

Nobiles. [Dutch] Site for students who want to find a job. Meanwhile redesigned.

Friesland Bank Securities. [Mainly in Dutch] Including backstage Perl maintenance scripts.

Bouwfonds. [In Dutch] Including backstage Perl maintenance scripts. Meanwhile redesigned.

Old NetlinQ Site. [In Dutch] Again a corporate site, now of my new employer. This site is the first I made that hardly uses any frames. I was also Webmaster of this site. Meanwhile replaced by the very bad corporate Framfab site.

World Press Photo. The first site I made for NetlinQ. Now replaced by Version 3.0, which I also coded.


Private site: JavaScript Section. It has grown to be an acclaimed JavaScript site in its own right.

Jobs site of the Flower Auction Aalsmeer. [In Dutch] Meanwhile redesigned.

Knorr Kookflopsite. [In Dutch] I made part of the site and changed another part. Still online, it's one of those many concepts that didn't work.

Inízio Homepage. [In Dutch] Corporate site of Inizio, where I worked for 6 months. Meanwhile redesigned twice.

Private site: The Nibelungen, the historical truth.