CSS2 history


8 January 2003: Tested the new Safari browser (which I assume uses the same code engine as Konqueror 3). Surprisingly, there is no progress in overall CSS support. Remains at 30 points.

15 November 2002: Yes, Opera 7! Definitely, Opera 7! It supports the W3C DOM now, and its CSS support also soars. Enters the list on the first place, even above Mozilla. 41.5 points.

30 October 2002: New article at AppleDev: CSS Bugs in Internet Explorer 5 on Mac.

21 October 2002: Added Omniweb information. Omniweb enters at a modest 6 points.

28 September 2002: It's quiet on all my sites. Over on the JavaScript Section I keep you informed of my current activities.

25 September 2002: Again outline: I've heard Konqueror supports it and Mozilla turns out to have a proprietary -moz- syntax for it.
Konqueror +1 (second place now), Mozilla + 0.5.

16 September 2002: Added a page about the outline property.
Studied the specs and I think I understand what display: marker is for. No browser supports it.
Total number of points: 45; Explorer 5 Mac +1.

10 September 2002: It turns out that the box model is easily adjustable in Mozilla and Explorer on Mac by using box-sizing. Total number of points to 43, Netscape 6 +0.5, Explorer 5 Mac +1.
Added iCab information everywhere. iCab enters at a modest 6 points.

27 August 2002: Mozilla 1.1 . I found one new bug: in the fixed background images in layers test it doesn't react smoothly to the scrolling of the page any more.
On the other hand, the minor bug in the overflow test page has finally been solved.
Otherwise nothing has changed.

13 July 2002: Added a page about fixed background images in layers. They only work well in Explorer on Windows, and it turns out that the standards themselves are wrong this time.
Total number of points risen to 42. All Explorers on Windows: +2. Netscape 6, Opera and Explorer 5 on Mac: +1. Konqueror not yet tested.

1 July 2002: A reader sent me Konqueror 3 compatibility info. Based on his tests, Konqueror gains 5.5 points and raises from fourth to second place.
:before/:after, :focus and :first-line, :first-letter work, while support of the lower-greek list style has been added. overflow: auto and scroll work, though buggily.

27 June 2002: Added the Cursor page. All Explorers and Netscape 6 +1 point. Konqueror not yet tested. Total number of points risen to 40.

28 May 2002: Quick study of Mozilla 1.0 RC 3. Supports border-collapse: collapse and :hover on other elements than a link. Net result: + 1.5 point.

2 January 2002: Since Explorer 5.1 on Mac has recently been released, I retested all pages in 5.0 and 5.1 . Results:
display: table and inline-table are suddenly supported, though buggily (borders don't enclose the entire DIV)
empty-cells: show supported by 5.1
table-layout: fixed not supported by 5.1 (though 5.0 does support it)
I haven't entered 5.1 as a separate browser, there are too few differences for that. Net result Explorer 5 Mac: +1 point.

Also tested Konqueror 2.2.2: it has a brand new bug in the [attr] selector. Net result Konqueror: - 0.5 points.

17 December 2001: Noted that the overflow declaration now works correctly in Netscape 6.2 . However, a new bug has surfaced: changing the display of elements inside an element with overflow auto or scroll is buggy.
Nonetheless Netscape 6: +1 point

17 November 2001: Tested Opera 6: no changes.
position: fixed is supported once again by Netscape 6, + 0.5 point. (Yes, it's been supported before 6.2 but I forgot to update the table).

18 October 2001: Tested Konqueror 2.2 . Supports overflow: visible and hidden, but crashes on my :first-line and :first-letter page. Net result: +1 point.

10 September 2001: Tested the new Explorer 6 beta: found not one single CSS2 item that has been added. Generally IE Windows is lagging far behind the competition in CSS2 support. No position fixed yet, nothing of the nice extras. Microsoft is becoming lazy.

4 July 2001: Found a bug in Netscape 6 in the implementation of overflow: scroll and auto. It's serious enough to mark these declarations as 'buggy' in the table below.

21 May 2001: I seem to have made an error in judging the * selector. Only text that is not otherwise defined should become red. Opera 5.10- did this wrong (all text was red) and I trusted it and distrusted the other browsers. Now Opera 5.11 does the same as the other browsers, so I assume they were right after all.

2 May 2001: Found out that min-height works in Explorer 6 on table elements inside a table with table-layout: fixed. Hurray, hurray. I marked it as 'silly' in the table below.
For this kind of things, see Microsoft's CSS Enhancements in Explorer 6 page.

1 May 2001: iCab Preview 2.51 has been released and it supports CSS. I ran a quick test through this site but the only thing it supports is display: none, so I'm not yet going to incorporate it in the big Compatibility Table below. For more info, see the browsers page of my JavaScript site.

11 April 2001: Added a page about :hover and :active.

6 April 2001: Added a page about list styles.

28 March 2001: Site officially launched.